Saturday, February 18, 2012

02:18:12 [62/365] - pace of a business

When in doubt (or cold/rainy), just drive around the island. We spotted a few sights while we were driving... and this small Kusaki Zome (plant based dye) studio was one of them.

Recently I have been dreaming about running baum-kuchen shop/studio [the physical kind] so seeing how other people operate their shop is really intriguing to me. I especially loved that this shop says that it has "random closed days" and opens around 10 am and closes around 6pm. I know it's not always ideal to have too loose of shop schedule because customers can not rely on their opening hours... but I like the free spirited attitude in this. Also we have been seeing a lot of the shops/businesses that are attached to the owners' living quarter. It reminded me that this style of live/work life is a very traditional Japanese way of running businesses.

I am not sure how/when these insights we are encountering in Japan are going to influence our actual life in Los Angeles but I know these thoughts are going to make us think twice when we make big decisions in the future... whatever the decisions might be.


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