Monday, February 6, 2012

02:05:12 [48/365] - when things get rough...

Yesterday was a rough day for us.
In less than 2 days of driving in Japan, we got in a car accident. Thankfully... because we were just coming out of a parking lot and our car was barely moving, nobody got hurt in both parties and we walked away with a minor bump on our little truck which was a loaner from my uncle. Unfortunately, there was a quite bit of damage on the other car... and it will add another unexpected expense to our trip.

We came home in the downpour rain feeling pretty shaken up and miserable... but then when we sat down and talked over about what happened we felt lucky and thankful that it was the kind of accident that did not take away anything that we could not recover from.

I believe that there are two ways of looking at the situation when things get rough like this. I could have told ourselves that this trip has quite bit of bad luck that I am afraid what might happen to us next. OR what just happened was a gentle reminder and a message (perhaps sent by Jiji) that extra caution is always welcomed and can save our lives next time.

... and you know which side I tend to lean towards...

This trip has been already filled with so many amazing lessons that would probably change the rest of our lives... and this quote our friend Jessie has sent us came at such a perfect timing.

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller 

If nothing else... (and after a few expensive bills), we are lucky to have gained a few important lessons to take home:)

p.s. it has been very very rainy for last 2 days and waves are quite high. I am always so inspired how much force these rocks can withstand...

p.p.s. I am thinking of writing a mini story about the insights I am gaining from this trip... so I can remember them and share with people who might be interested... just a thought.


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