Tuesday, February 14, 2012

02:15:12 [58/365] - don't take the sunshine for granted

We finally had one sunny morning after 2 weeks of being on the island... so we made an executive decision to boycott our daily routine and headed out to find a spot to soak some sun!

Unfortunately, half of the island was little too windy... so we had to make a long drive to the other side. It was definitely worth the drive, though! We found a little baby beach with some white sand, lots of small rocks and calm waves.

It was amazing to finally take all the thick jackets off and soak in the bright sun and fresh air. We couldn't believe how warm the water was. Living in Los Angeles, we forget how precious a sunny day is! I think we would appreciate our beautiful weather much much more when we are back.

We also collected more goodies from the beach... this time we got a handful of glasses and ceramics with beautiful weathered edges. I am thinking of turning them into a small charm for the Traveler's Notebook. What do you think?


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