Wednesday, February 22, 2012

02:22:12 [66/365] - a very special toy... in making!

I've been feeling really inspired since we have arrived to Yakushima island... inspired by FB, little roo, people we have met and a new adopted lifestyle as we live our slightly slower life. I've been sketching few of my ideas on my Traveler's Notebook and we just said, "let's go for it!".

One of the ideas I had was a simple wooden toy made of the Yakushigi cedar, one of the kind wood from the island that has a very distinct smell... it was a very special smell that I remembered from my childhood visits to the island and I wanted to create a toy that is beautiful but also stimulates senses including visual, tactile and smell. Hopefully it will be an object that lasts for a very long time and have a place in kid's room, living room, or in the parents' office when a kid grow out of "playing" with the toy and perhaps gets passed on when they have their grandchild.

We headed out to a wood shop nearby our house to discuss if it's anyway possible. I talked the vision and FB added a great visuals to communicate specifics. They are going to build a prototype and we will see where we go from there!

Having to leave our home and office for so long brought a lot of unexpected expenses and hurdles (like dealing with a car accident that happened earlier this month)... but it's hard to imagine following an organic and intuitive creative process if we were only here as a tourist for 5 days. So the idea of "Inspirational Investment" definitely works! We have little less than 20 days here on the island and I am really hoping that we could execute it! (crossing all my fingers!!!).

p.s. On the different note..., we just got a box of products that will be ready to be shipped from Yakushima to our office in Los Angeles. As you could imagine, I am thrilled!! More stories to come about this soon!




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