Monday, February 20, 2012

02:21:12 [65/365] - you inspire me...

In Japanese culture, it's thought as slightly shameful to publicly praise how great one's own family is... but then we're Japanese/German family so I figured it would be all right.

So I am publicly announcing that these two people in my life inspire me so much.

FB has been writing about his Creative Strategies almost every day for last 20 days... and I know it sometimes can be difficult to put words together to express, communicate and share something so close to him and his creative process.  I have read a part of what he has written so far and it's good:) It is a collection of personal stories threaded with his creative strategies which is the class he teaches at Art Center to instill new ways of tackling creative challenges.

Roo has been growing so much since we arrived Japan. She definitely is very expressive now (and very verbal in Japanese). She can repeat after each word I would say from her favorite book... she also has been very open to eating new food. She has Natto (fermented soybeans which is really really good for you... but can be slightly stinky), fish/lobster, all kinds of veggies under her belt! I love that she can keep herself busy with what she is interested (often times rocks, stickers, crayons)... and doesn't need to be constantly entertained.

Today is one sunny/warm day... and I can't wait to step out for an afternoon excursion after everyone is done with their business:)


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