Wednesday, February 15, 2012

02:16:12 [59/365] - packing a special flavor from Yakushima

I suppose not much changes even when we are on other side of the world. Using my morning downtime, I started making marmalade with Hassaku oranges that is harvested from Jiji's backyard. (Hassaku is somewhere in the middle of orange and grapefruits in the size/flavor!)

I love how simple yet labor intensive the process is... and the flavor comes out slightly different each time. I put them in the recycled jars while the jam is super hot so the the lid would pop... hopefully they will preserve little longer this way! We use it for everything... eat it on a piece of bread and crapes, mix with hot water to drink it as a orange tea... and of course for Japanese style shocyu cocktails!

I am shipping them to my grandmas to share the flavor from the island! The makeshift shipping packages that look like bunch of giant potatoes are starting to grown on me... They are not packaged as neatly as my baum-kuchen package usually is... but it still has the touch of humbleness:)


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