Sunday, February 12, 2012

02:13:12 [56/365] - no fish gets left behind

It is cheaper to eat fish than meat on this island.

Also it is good to know how to treat the freshly caught fish... to something edible.

Jiji's old friend Makoto-san brought two orange fishes he caught. LA is not necessary a seafood city... so we were super excited! He told me that we could take the scale off then put pieces in miso soup.

Thank goodness, I was able to somehow battle with these fish to make a miso soup next morning. It took me good one hour and few guidance from our connected internet! Next day he brought more fish that is perfect for sashimi... this time they were gifts from his friends. I can chop fishes for miso soup but my fish skill is definitely not good enough to produce sashimi quality cuts... so he offered to help us in the kitchen. I think our jaws dropped as we watched him open the fish. He is a pro.

Being creative with local ingredients in our kitchen has been our eating pattern since we got here...  It doesn't cost much but it's such a luxury to eat like this... and we feel quite healthy from inside out.

I foresee a lot more fish and rice bowls on our future dining table while we are still on the island!


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