Monday, February 6, 2012

02:07:12 [50/365] - routine

After being on the island for 5 days, we are starting to establish a nice new routine.

We wake up around six, I make breakfast (usually rice and miso soup), we take a family mini drive to take the trash out. At eight I watch my favorite 15 minutes Japanese soap opera. Then we clean up the house together for 1-2 hour... then FB steps out to write and I take a walk with roo around the neighborhood, hang laundry and put roo to take a nap. We have lunch together when roo wakes up. After lunch, I spend afternoon with roo... Roo watches me wash the bathtub and we sit by the window looking for a boat to pass by. Little after five usually FB joins us and I start cooking dinner... which is followed by taking bath, putting roo to bed... then we do some chatting, writing and unwinding.

Life is simple here and it's nice.

p.s. our highlight of this morning was seeing a family of monkeys walking through our front yard! With baby monkeys and all:) 


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