Thursday, March 1, 2012

03:01:12 [72/365] - changing season

One thing FB and I both miss in Los Angeles is the evidence of changing seasons. Everyday is sunny and everyday is beautiful - which is nice but can be little boring sometimes.

Since we started our trip during the coldest time of the year in Japan (in fact, it was snowing when we landed in Tokyo!), we have witnessed the world to warm up to the beautiful spring. Last week we had one or two slightly warmer days on Yakushima island and that was all flowers needed to start blooming! Now we have flowers everywhere on the island... and everyone is talking about the best spot to see the cherry blossom:)

Few days ago I took my roo to a big wild flower patch I found by our house. It's only around the corner and I told her that we could see a pretty "hana" (flower in Japanese). It was a big hit:) We picked flowers for papa and a grandma next door.

It instantly brought back my childhood memory... when my sister and I would go and explore rice fields around my grandmother's house in spring. The field would be empty over winter and all the sudden we would see thousands of little flowers fill the field out of nowhere.

I am grateful that I have a sister who helped my childhood to be so much fuller and richer...


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