Friday, March 23, 2012

03:23:12 [94/365] - slow travel

We had pretty packed days (week!!) since we arrived Kyoto... so we took today slow. Weather forecast said it would be 100% raining anyways... which is unheard of in Los Angeles!

We have been scoping a really cute daycare around the corner. With little research, we found out that they take kids at any age with hourly charge... aka a perfect spot for our little Roo!! We gave a shot this morning with much maternal anxiety and excitement. I dropped her off with hugs and good bye... then headed straight to a hair salon next door... then a lunch date with a hubby. All on the same street as the day care but it gave us much needed grown-up time.

Exactly after three hours, we picked her up from the daycare and took her home for an afternoon nap. She was super chatty and excited... and I swear to you... that she looked bit older than 3 hours prior. Caretaker told me that Roo did fantastic. She loved their indoor slide and played nicely with a 4 year old girl. She missed mama here and there... putting her yellow rain boots and insisted that she would go outside but moved on quickly to other fun activities.

We spent rest of the afternoon in/around the house... doing grocery shopping, cooking dinner, helping her to take bath...

I appreciate being able to take the rainy day off from any of the heavy duty outing... It's truly the luxury of staying in one place for longer period of time while we travel.

Tomorrow we will start a brand new day:)


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