Saturday, March 17, 2012

03:17:12 [87/365] - thank you...

After 1/2 day of travel and another 1/2 day of adjusting, we are finally settled in our Kyoto machiya. Machiya is an old Kyoto style residential building that has a very narrow street facade. (people had to pay tax based on the width of the front facade... back then). Our machiya must be AT LEAST 100 years old... and has been kept as close as its original condition. (except bathroom has somewhat new fixtures.)

Our home consists of a very narrow hallway with a small kitchen and 8 Tatami mat living space.  

Everything in Kyoto is so different from our life in Yakushima.... that we are going through a small culture shock with an excitement.  Roo woke from her afternoon nap with a shock (she arrived to the machiya without knowing... during her nap), but has adjusted to the new idea by the end of the day. (phew...)

I do very much miss Yakushima, our home away home... and possibly the last bit of life shared with my grandfather.

... and very thankful for everything we have received from the very special island.


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