Sunday, March 18, 2012

03:18:12 [88/365] - settling in...

We spent a day settling into our new home away home in Kyoto. We found two nearby grocery stores, a 100-yen store, a coin laundry... and a park with bubbles (they had an event going on!)! Like I mentioned... our Kyoto machiya is less than 8 Tatami mat + kitchen hallway. We moved a few stuff around and made the place nice for us... Kitchen is small and very low (am I too big for the Japanese standard?)... but amazingly, we pulled together three homemade meals and can relax at our own home after meals. That itself is worth staying in the place with a kitchen instead of a hotel room... especially since we are traveling with a little one.

Also we are all enjoying our new transportation device... aka shoes! I have started my morning jog and we are walking everywhere during the day. Roo is getting a real city walk here too... holding hands and everything:)

We are happy to have her on this trip. She keeps our travel itinerary away from overbooking and makes every mini stop a special adventure. Actually... I am really happy that three of us are all here together. Travel has never been this wholesome!


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