Friday, March 2, 2012

03:02:12 [73/365] - creative energy

I am feeling the surge of creative energy and I would probably keep working tonight if I could neglect the fact that my little Roo will wake up tomorrow morning at 7am and need my 100% to get through the day. It must be in our blood... I either have to be busy doing something (which is usually the case when I am at home) or creating! Hooray for our Inspirational Investment adventure. It is totally refueling my passion and creativity.

Making the mini clip for the 1000 YEAR TSUMIKI... in counting was so much fun and I have another mini clip to edit for a different shop item.

Nonetheless, I wanted to take a moment to share today's adventure as a family of three. We went back to Anbou to explore the town again (you can check out our last visit here). Parts of this small town feels like it is left behind from 50 years ago. I love seeing old graphics from and strolling through the cityscape that was probably meant for pedestrians and boats.

We stopped at our favorite cafe to get out of the rain. While we were there enjoying a homemade orange cake (yum:), the sun came up and once again it became a nice afternoon to be out by the water. At a nearby beach park, we met a mom with a black dog and her cute 16 months old boy. Roo made an instant friendship with the little boy and it didn't take too long for them to be running together holding hands.

It was a good day for us.


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