Tuesday, March 6, 2012

03:07:12 [79/365] - jump and splash

We think our Roo is 10 times heavier now than 1 month ago.

Okay... maybe that's exaggerating... but she is growing up! Her shoes are too small and her shirts too short. She puts words together to create her own sentences... (mixed with Japanese, English and German) and she is particular about how she likes everything to be done. (can you guess which side that trait comes from?) Her current favorite activities are throwing rocks, climbing stairs up and down and splashing rain puddle in her yellow rain boots.

She loves to pretend leaving the house by exiting our main living space... and says, "Ittekimasu" (good bye at the door when you leave the house). To prepare for her pretend departure, she outfits herself with Neko purse (thank you Jessie!!) and a Hello Kitty water bottle she got from my aunt.

Every time she does this game, I can't help to wonder... someday... she will move forward by herself. Off to college, off to work... off to get married?

But for now... she is my little baby.


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