Wednesday, March 21, 2012

03:22:12 [91/365] - treasure hunting in Kyoto

We are looking for special something for our shop in Kyoto! Yesterday was a big day at To-ji flea market which happens on the 21st of every month. Sometimes it is challenging to travel & source items with a little one but we are slowly discovering a good routine that seems to work for everyone.

We are looking for unique products for the online store as well as new (old) props for our pop-up shops (and a physical store when the time comes).

We have been going to the Rose Bowl flea market for a while and started opening our pop-up shop there towards the end of last year... so it didn't take much time to figure out that vintage items from Japan is definitely more reasonable to purchase while we are in Kyoto... I talked to a few vendors and found out that people have been lining up since yesterday to get into this market and professional buyers for vintage items came before sunrise with their flashlight.

It looks like we will be packing another box(es) of shipment from Kyoto to our Los Angeles office!


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