Saturday, March 10, 2012

03:12:12 [83/365] - free

Speaking of childhood..., here are some snapshots from our morning walk.

Roo sleeps so much better on the day she is free to roam and explore on her pace. I am thankful for sunshine days for that. Along the walk, we found a perfect sunny spot with a beautiful view of mountains, grass field and ocean... so we sat down and just hang out. We looked up to the sky and kept saying that it feels good. I eventually laid down on the street** to take everything in... and so did she.

When I was studying architecture at SCI-arc, one of my favorite professor told me that he just had to lay down and sense the architecture, space and history when he visited Parthenon in Greece. That's kind of how I felt.

She has been watching My Neighbor Totoro. It's one tool that we have been relying when we need some grown up time (like being out for dinner with friends).  She loves the movie and can watch almost the entire thing without being bothered. However, last few times she watched...we noticed that she wanted to close the laptop whenever she got to the scene where Satsuki (older sister) desperately looks for May (younger sister) who is lost in the middle of the country side. We realized that our Roo does not want to see Satsuki feeling so sad and stressed...

She is learning how to feel and I think it's important for her to know that it is OKAY to feel things not just in her head... but in her heart and body... and be sensitive to what her heart and gut is telling her...

**it's a street that we barely have any car driving.


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