Tuesday, March 6, 2012

03:06:12 [78/365] - forest of Yaku-Sugi: mystical and timeless

Because we have never had one {whole} sunny day in an entire month, we try to be outside whenever rain stops to soak up the sun. Today was one of those days.

When we woke up this morning, we decided to pack our Onigiri (rice ball) and head out for an adventure at Yakusugi Land which has a series of hiking trails that lead hikers to some of the most famous Yakusugi trees (1000+ years old cedars).  I especially felt that it was important for us to feel the Yakusugi cedar from our heart since we have been taking the responsibility of designing and sharing a toy made of Yakusugi.

We began our hike (with roo on my back) in a fog. The depth the Yakushima forest projects in front of us is so mystical. It always gives me butterflies in my stomach... like I am stepping into a sacred world. Our hike went over a few creeks... water seeping through thick green moss splashing one water drop at a time... which eventually became a fast running stream between bigger than scale rocks. We enjoyed our Onigiri on a riverside rock and I could see the thick fog moving through the river.

The forest of Yakushima and Yakusugi cedar bring such a different measurement to the scale of time. It almost turns the concept of "time" we know of... upside down.

Fog started to clear off towards the end of our hike. When we passed by a fallen cedar, there was a pocket of sky above us and the light shined through... even through a thick forest. We could almost see a forest spirit there.

There was so much life...


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