Monday, March 26, 2012

03:26:12 [97:365] - Kyoto finds (so far...) and an idea for the shop

I would love to share some of the goodies we have found in Kyoto so far! Some new... and some old.

I usually like my product photos clean and crisp with white background but I really enjoyed taking these photos in our Machiya with an original clay wall as a background. Maybe because these items are from Japan... they look good in their natural environment.

It also made me wonder... "what if" we had a small vintage section at our baum-kuchen shop. Maybe not for online... but at a (future) physical store with highly (and highly) curated vintage items from Japan, Germany and places between.

I love the intimacy of stories that these vintage items could bring to the shop... It will be hand picked from market full of stuff... and will be a proof of qualities I try to instill with new products I share at our shop.

What do you think?? Crazy or interesting?


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