Thursday, March 22, 2012

03:23:12 [93/365] - inspiration for the shop

Isn't it interesting that...

when something particular is in our mind, we look for clues and answers for it?
For me... it has been the baum-kuchen shop, a physical manifestation of everything that our brand stands for.

This small Japanese antique shop totally sparked few new ideas! They were (once again) using an old machiya very gracefully. I especially loved that there was an area filled with white pebbles where we could simply walk in with our shoes for casual browsing... then another area where we had to take our shoes off to view their item. It created an opportunity for more intimate discussion and slower process to see what were on the display.

Of course... having a real shop is a long way dream for me... I have a lot of work ahead before I can expand the shop to the level...

At the same time, it is so much more interesting to have a certain filter to see what is in front of us as we travel and start designing the space, experience and the kind of customer services that are just right for baum-kuchen... at least in my head.


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