Friday, March 16, 2012

03:16:12 [85/365] - "what if..."

We are moving from Yakushima to Kyoto tomorrow... and today is our pre-transition day. We returned our rental car, are doing the last round of laundry, packed some of our luggage... and went back to our favorite bakery.

Last few days have been (finally) sunny so we stopped working and enjoyed the time as our vacation...

I am little sad thinking about our departure... but I know it's time. Last few weeks, we have started to see more and more groups of tourists and mountaineers arriving to the island... and it's time for us to pass the torch. The island has a very busy season coming up...

A while ago... I wrote a few postcards to my friends at home and told them that "this trip has been nothing of what we planned and everything of what we have wished for..."

We had a few hiccups here and there but thanks to family and friends who lend us generous hands and wise words through those troubled moments, we are still traveling with 3 sets of happy smiles.

Sweet Gabrielle from Design Mom has featured our trip on her blog. I really love and appreciate the way she started her post.
"Some of my favorite stories begin with the words “What if we…” I like to think that’s exactly how Wakako and her family set out on their adventure from their home in Los Angeles all the way to Japan."
What if...

It's a strong phrase.

...and I know we will continue asking the question on the second leg of our trip!

p.s. I am planning to share more photos and stories from Yakushima... possibly tonight; otherwise, once we're in Kyoto! Please stay tuned:)


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