Sunday, March 4, 2012

03:04:12 [75/365] - curated

Today we (once again) made a spontaneous decision to visit the Senvus village, a brand new facility that just opened two days ago. We didn't know much about it... but this place totally blew our socks away!

The beautiful garden, a little hiking trail (perfect for Roo), a scent museum with upside down wine glasses (at least that's how they looked like... Actually, you lift the lid and smell what is inside), a cafe with the most exquisite view... and simply good designs (everywhere!!).

It was probably one of the most "designed" space on the whole island that was meant to simulate all senses especially smell. Every detail and pathway was highly curated. FB and I talked if we would like to see more places like this on the island... and came to the conclusion that it is only special because there is only one place like this.

Nonetheless, we love and appreciate what "design" can do to translate a vision.


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