Wednesday, March 7, 2012

03:08:12 [80/365] - rainy day...

We have rainy days...
Lots of it.

Little one still needs to get out and burn some energy before she starts using her parents as an obstacle course on a carpet. (If you have kids, you would probably know what I mean.)

We love our little walk around the house that takes 10 times longer with our Roo because she wants to stop every 10 seconds to throw rocks into a ditch, pick up some leaves from the ground, count number by touching dips on the sidewalk rail then dashing through the street saying "runni!! runni (running)!!".

Sometimes we can't get over how beautiful sky looks on a moody day like this. The shape, color and texture changes so rapidly... we can keep watching the sky all day long.

Our favorite moment is when horizon line disappears and sky and ocean become one.

It feels like the island is floating in the space of nothingness.


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