Saturday, March 10, 2012

03:11:12 [82/365] - nostalgic for the past/future

Thinking about places, I have very little places that are "home" to go back to... both physically and emotionally. When I was young, we moved a lot. Every place had special memories but we did not stay in any of the places long enough to develop a strong relationship... My sister and I have a lot of magical childhood memories visiting my grandmother who lived one hour train ride away... but she is closing the house and moving to somewhere else in a month or so. My parents live 1 hour away from our Los Angeles home... but they moved there after I moved out. Roo and I have special visits to their house and I am sure Roo will grow to love the place as a part of her childhood memory but there isn't much for me aside from the fact my important family live there.

So staying here at my grandfather's property where I visited numerous time as a kid.., naturally makes me feel nostalgic.

I think we all have places where we connect from our heart and guts not in our head and I have felt that my heart and gut resonate with this place.

When I shared the feeling with FB a while ago, he mentioned a word in German with me (sorry... I can't remember exactly what it was). It means "nostalgic"... but not only in the way we imagine the past when we hear the English word "nostalgic". This word also implies future. That summarizes the way I feel.

Obviously we are NOT leaving our home in Los Angles but I think it's good to recognize these kinds of feelings and take notes. For now... I see a lot of potential for baum-kuchen brand to develop some business relationships here... and that's a really good start for me:)


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